News and Pams 80/20

News and Pams

These are the standard export specifications for baled news and pams, containing a mixture of newspapers and magazines, containing a minimum of 80% of newspapers, with or without glue. Maximum of 4% out-throws permitted (which includes un-bleached fibres such as OCC)

It is crucial that material from a co-mingle source is sorted properly to avoid potential claims or complaints – special attention must be taken to ensure removal of OCC / boards, bottles, cans, plastic film etc. Contamination levels allowed here can be as little as 1%, although 2% to 4% is the industry norm. Each mill has different policies on telephone directories so check specification before adding these into bales and office paper limits for this grade is normally 8%. Moisture levels permitted vary between 10% – 12% and the minimum amount of wires required is three per bale, however this may vary depending on the mill being supplied. Please be aware of any non-paper components or any foreign matter in the recovered paper and board which, during processing, may cause damage to paper machines or interruptions to paper production or may reduce the value of the finished product e.g. metal, plastic, glass, textiles, wood, sand, building materials, synthetic materials, synthetic papers.