Equipment NER Recycling

To secure a high level of service our Sales Representatives always assess the customer site to develop best possible procedure to increase your revenue and save costs and time.

Below an overview of Equipment NER Recycling Solutions is able to supply you with to cover all your needs. We support you through the process of site assessment, decision on equipment, supply and service.

40 CY Bin

 40 CY Bin – Closed Top





–          Heavy duty bin
–          Usually used for static compactors
–          Can fit up to 10 tonnes of paper, depending on the grade
–          Reduces amount of collections
–          Recommended for big manufacturing facilities
–          Requires space (30ft by 8ft)
–          Requires a concrete surface

35 CY Bin    35 CY Bin – Open Top
–          Heavy duty bin
–          Useful for heavy grades
–          Reduces amount of collections
–          Requires space (20ft by 9ft)

Dolav     Dolav Box
–          Pallet box
–          Can  be moved by forklift or pallet truck
–          Recommended for heavy paper grades
–          Not suitable for boards or plastic
–          Stackable up to 3 boxes high on the truck
–          Comfortable size to be place straight next to equipment producing paper you would like to recycle

Baler     Bales
–          NER accepts different sizes of bales
–          Baling especially recommended for board grade and plastic
–          We can support you to find the right equipment supplier for your site
–          Dimensions and requirements mill sized bales:

  • 720 mm high
  • 1100 mm long
  • At least 500kg/bale
  • Must have 4 steel wires, on two sides

Wheelie Bin     Wheelie Bins (here 1100l)
–          For storage in the shed or outside
–          Suitable for different grades
–          Tipped on customer site by a REL truck
–          Different sizes available (1100 l, 660 l, 240l)
–          Can be locket to prevent fly tipping
–          For different grades NER supplies:

  • Red/blue bin for paper
  • Green/blue bin for recyclable waste
  • Black bin for General Waste

40CY with Compactor_2     Static Compactor (here with 40 CY bin)
–          Static equipment
–          Recommended for big manufacturing plants with a high amount of recyclables of one product grade
–          Requires space
–          To be connected to a three phase electrical socket
–          Supplied and fitted by NER Recycling
–          Training for usage to the team can be provided
–          Tipped by NER own Hook Loader Trucks
–          Can be modified with bin lift for tipping 1100 l bins
–          Decreases the amount of collections and the carbon foot print
–          Is operated together with a 40CY bin, and only the bin is replaced when collected

Ro Ro Pack     Roll on Roll off Compactor (Ro/Ro-Pack)
–          Portable packer
–          Can be modified with bin lift for tipping 1100 l bins
–          Connected to a three phase socket
–          Medium amount of space required (25ft by 9ft)
–          Is completely replaced by NER with a new machine when full
–          Collected with NER own Hook Loader Trucks
–          Training on handling can be provided

Air Suction      Air Suctions System
–          For large Print houses
–          Supplied and fitted by NER Recycling
–          Removes the recyclables from the guillotine by air suction outside to the static compactor
–          Requires space (measurements can be advised depending on system required)
–          Prewiring required
–          Operates with a static compactor and a 40 CY bin
–          The bin is replaced with NER own Hook Loader Trucks

If you have any further questions regarding our equipment please don’t hesitate to contact your sales contact or contact us by