Grades we forward in the Recycling Process for you

 BW1    BW1 (Best White Number 1)

The grade to consist of 100% pure white woodfree paper, either slab or shavings, with no coatings or marks of any kind permitted for every bale in the load…….

BW2      BW2 (Best White Number 2)

The grade to consist of up to 100% pure white wood-free paper, either slab or shavings, with some coatings or marks permitted for every bale loaded…….

WHL      WHL (White Heavy Letter)

Sorted white wood-free writing papers which can be shredded, originating from office records however should be free from cash books, carbon paper and…….

LCL     LCL (Light Coloured Letter)

The grade to consist of 75% White Heavy Letter and 25% Coloured Heavy Letter per bale, the grade must be free from all coated papers such as…….

CHL     CHL (Coloured Heavy Letter)

Made up of office paper such as letters, photocopy papers, invoices etc which have been lightly printed. May contain…….

SOW new (2)     SOW (Sorted Office Waste)

General office paper made up of coloured and white letters and business forms which may be shredded. The bales may contain…….

MULTIGRADE     Multi-Grade

Consists various papers per bale, between 15 – 20% White Heavy Letter, 30% WF Col. Shavs, 25% Coloured Heavy Letter and maximum…….

LP Scan     LP Scan

Groundwood free misprint sheets and cartons of bleached  scan board. Free from any other type of…….

MP Scan     MP Scan

Consists of wood free misprint sheets and cartons of bleached scan board, free from wax, greaseproof lamination, gilt, & inks, adhesives or…….

HP Scan     HP Scan

Consists of wood free misprint sheets and cartons of bleached scan board, free from wax, greaseproof lamination, gilt, adhesives or…….

UPW     UPW (Unprinted White Newsprint)

Slab sheets of white unprinted newsprint, free from coated mechanical magazine paper (Printed or unprinted) and…….

OINP     OINP (Over Issue Newspaper)

Newspapers, containing a maximum of 5% of newspapers or advertisements coloured in the mass. Moisture levels permitted vary between…….

News and Pams     News and Pams 80/20

These are the standard export specifications for baled news and pams, containing a mixture of newspapers and magazines, containing a minimum of…….

Soft mix paper     Soft mixed paper

Mixed papers from domestic sources, consisting of predominantly news and pams, with a maximum of…….

NCC       NCC / New KLS

This grade consists of the “off – cuts” from the manufacture of corrugated cases manufacturers. This grade to contain a minimum of…….

OCC     OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) 90/10

This is the standard OCC bought and sold for export and UK mill consumption. The grade contains used paper and…….

hard mix paper     Hard Mixed Paper

Mixed and various pulpable papers, boards and paper packaging usually containing around…….

BBC     BBC (Box Board Cuttings)

Baled, new, pre consumer cuttings of paperboard, consisting of a variety of fibre sources such as…….

LDPE       LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

It is translucent to opaque, robust enough to be virtually unbreakable and at the same time quite flexible. Chemically LDPE is…….