NER Recycling Solutions Ltd

NER Recycling Solutions Ltd was founded in 2009, despite the economic climate and the challenges it presented, to provide an ethical solution for reclaiming and re-using recyclable materials.  Our team has over 60 years experience and we prove our service quality every day to our loyal customers for nearly 15 year. 

Stephen Buckley, the managing director shows his commitment to the success of NER Recycling Solutions Ltd with his investment in the business; the company recovered strong after the challenges of 2018 and ensured through all business interruptions and the challenging times of Covid never to neglect the daily needs of our customers.

Since NER Recycling Solutions started trading, we have watched our business grow at a considerable rate currently processing thousands of tonnes of recycled paper based materials per month.  This is quite an achievement especially when the competition consists of well-established multi-national companies and household names.  Our ultimate goal is to offer an unrivalled services to print houses, the pharmaceutical industry and other blue chip companies who process paper, cardboard and plastic.

The company has a dedicated Environmental Compliance team whose role is to ensure that all services are carried out in full compliance with all regulations, Permits, Collection Permits, etc.