NER Recycling

NER Recycling was founded in 2009, despite the economic climate and the challenges it presented, to provide an ethical solution for reclaiming and re-using recyclable materials.  Although a company in its infancy, the management team has over 70 years of experience in the recycling business.  We are also dedicated to serving our local community by hiring locally.

Stephen Buckley, the managing director shows his commitment to the success of Natural Energy & Recycling with his investment in the business; the company headquarters in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin is home to a multi million euro baling plant which converts all the materials for recycling collected from our customers, into 700-800kg bales each destined for the recycling paper commodities trading marketplace.

Since NER Recycling started trading, we have watched our business grow at a considerable rate, now employing 20 full time personnel and currently processing thousands of tonnes of recycled paper based materials per month.  This is quite an achievement especially when the competition consists of well-established multi-national companies and household names.  Our ultimate goal is to offer an unrivalled services to print houses, the pharmaceutical industry and other blue chip companies who process paper, cardboard and plastic.

The company has a dedicated Environmental Compliance team whose role is to ensure that all services are carried out in full compliance with all consents, Permits, Collection Permits, etc.