It is very important for us to highlight the distinction between ourselves and most of the traditional companies. You can see below a short overview of the services we offer to our customers. In addition to these services we can also provide you with a total waste management solution. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact our professional team.

Incoming product from our partner companies

  • The paper waste is delivered by our partners
  • We also offer a pick up from your place of business (from small curtain side truck to 40 foot vehicle)
  • All our trucks are strategically routed to save costs and reduce air pollution for a healthy natural environment
  • Our policy is to keep our trucks clean, as waste trucks don’t have to be dirty!


  • On entry into our secure yard, all vehicles are weighed in and again weighed out on departure
  • Capable of weighing up to 100 metric tonnes and as low 20 kg
  • Any kind of vehicle catered for
  • Our Merchandise Management System allows us to track all deliveries with detailed information

Quality control

  • It is important for us to fulfill the high quality expectations of our customers
  • In the first step the delivered products are checked by our qualified team members
  • We then separate it into the different product types to secure the required quality and an efficient treatment in the mills


  • We're operating a fully refurbished BOA Bailing Press
  • All our bales for export are greater than 500 kg
  • Wired tied and in mill sized bales


  • Our professional team manages every step of the export process, from our premises to that of our customers
  • We are able to coordinate delivery to mills worldwide