BW1 (Best White Number 1)


The grade to consist of 100% pure white woodfree paper, either slab or shavings, with no coatings or marks of any kind permitted for every bale in the load. The grade must be free from all coated papers and must not contain any paper derived from mechanical pulp, such as unprinted white news or coated mechanical paper. Each bale must be sorted free of all plastic, polythene coated or laminates and must not contain any other contraries such as wet strength or stickies. No off tone woodfree paper is permitted within this grade – material found to contain off tones, coatings or marks will be downgraded to Best white – 2.

Material found to contain excess moisture or found to contain paper derived from mechanical pulp, plastic, polythene coated or laminates or any other contraries / contamination such as wet strength or ‘stickies or any objectionable Material or unacceptable Material will be rejected, with all costs attributed to the suppliers account.

Please be aware of any non-paper components or any foreign matter in the recovered paper and board which, during processing, may cause damage to paper machines or interruptions to paper production or may reduce the value of the finished product e.g. metal, plastic, glass, textiles, wood, sand, building materials et al.