BBC (Box Board Cuttings)


Baled, new, pre consumer cuttings of paperboard, consisting  of fibre sources such as grey board, used in the manufacture of folding cartons, set-up boxes and similar boxboard products. Material should be clean and dry with only 2% of other boards permitted, such as New KLS / New Corrugated Cuttings, scan board and/or kraft board,

Moisture levels permitted vary between 10% – 12% and the minimum amount of wires required is three per bale, however this may vary depending on the mill being supplied. Please be aware of any non-paper components or any foreign matter in the recovered paper and board which, during processing, may cause damage to paper machines or interruptions to paper production or may reduce the value of the finished product e.g. metal, plastic, glass, textiles, wood, sand, building materials et al.