NER Recycling Golf Day – Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort 2012

The annual Golf Day at NER Recycling is a great new tradition we started in 2012. The team and our customers enjoy a nice day outside in the great outdoors.  We all work hard in the recycling business to help the environment and its great to take a day off to enjoy it. It’s a big challenge between all the participants to get the Bernard Buckley Memorial Trophy.

On 21st of September 2012 our first Golf day was held in Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort. The weather was on our side and we had a great and challenging day outside followed by a lovely meal where we all became friends again. The first ever winner of the Bernard Buckley Memorial Trophy was Colm Murphy. Congratulations again.

Here some pictures of this great day.

NCR Golf  3

Let the games begin (Richard Barlow, Sean Stewart, Nicky Cosgrave)

NCR Golf  37

Patrick O’Connor in his fancy trousers

NCR Golf  17

Sean Stewart, sales man NER Recycling, great on the fairway

Robert Kavanagh

Robert Kavanagh enjoying the day

NCR Golf 12

Nicky Cosgrave looks well, still missed the put

NER Recycling Ltd – Annual Golf Day.